Our Program

Program Highlights

Enroll ten two-year-old children in year one, offering educational stability by teaching these same children for three 134-day school years.

Our Vision

We will provide our students with a solid preschool foundation, better enabling them to succeed in all facets of their lives.  We will give children the tools they need to reach their full potential once they enter elementary school.

In the Media

Wee Care is pleased to have been featured in a recent issue of Raleigh's own Midtown Magazine. Click on the cover image below to read the article and learn more about our history and mission. 

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From the Founder

My work as a first grade teacher helped me see the need for early education for children living in poverty. At Wee Care the children are exposed to a language-enriched environment that helps them develop socially and academically, thus giving the confidence and skills needed to succeed in a formal educational environment.
Laurie Perry
Wee Care Executive Director

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