Wee Care Children's Enrichment Program, Inc.

Featured Artists

Wendy Prior 

Size: 24x30
Medium: Acrylic 
Title: “Caballo” 

This painting is of the wild horses that call the beach their home.

Wendy Prior is a self-taught artist residing in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Her passion for painting started as a child, and her “toys” of choice were always pens, pencils, paper, and paint. Although her instruments of choice have been clearly defined, her subject matter has not and it can range from everyday food items to coastal images. In recent years, Wendy has added watercolor paintings of dogs and buildings to her list of steady works. Her style is loose brush strokes of color that depicts light to dark shadows on the canvas or paper she is working at the time. The colors are the interpretation of what she sees and rarely the literal color of the image. “I like to think that I take an ordinary item and infuse color to make it extraordinarily fun and happy.” -Wendy Prior  
Email Wendy tppwendyprior@gmail.com or follow her on instagram @the_painted_porch_winston.


Emily Lackey 

Size: 30x30
Medium: Acrylic 

Joyful spirit goes into everything Emily creates! She works in a variety of mediums including acrylic, oil, and pencil. While shape, texture, and color are her primary inspiration, the pure happiness she feels when she is painting translates onto the canvas and into your home.  The Intracoastal Waterway near her home often influences her work. Her Pastor at Wrightsville United Methodist once asked the congregation: “How can the same waterway look different every single time you cross the bridge?” Emily attempts to paint an answer to this question— observing the extraordinary differences a sunset and sunrise can have on the same landscapes day in and day out. Before painting, she earned her Masters Degree in World Literature and taught at William Peace University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Currently, Emily lives and paints in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina with her husband and three children. To date she has helped raise over $5,000 through her artwork fundraisers for hospitals, schools, hurricane relief, medical research, and museums.  Follow Emily on instagram @eml.art.


Suzanne Markel

Size: 30x40
Medium: Acrylic 
Title: “Little Lily”

Suzanne Markel is a self-taught artist who uses color and texture in acrylic abstract paintings to express her creativity.  Each piece she creates is unique and influenced by her travels and everyday life.  She loves collaborating with clients to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will pull a room together or stand alone. Suzanne and her husband, Jim, live in Newnan, Georgia, with their three sons.  Suzanne has painted off and on for the last fifteen years and has just recently begun painting full-time.  Please contact Suzanne if you are interested in a commissioned work.  You can find her on Instagram @suzanne_markel or email her at smmarkel@gmail.com.


Duffy Fleming

Size: 24 x 30
Medium: WaterColor
Title: “Calico Crab”

Duffy is an Eastern NC girl that craves comic relief, championing local community and shelter cats. The gift of painting runs in my family even though I did not touch a canvas while I was at the East Carolina School of Art. (I was a little late to the game, started painting later, married later, became a mom later, you get the drift.)  It was quite some time before I picked up a paintbrush, but watercolors were my 1st love, and still think they are easier. Why do I paint? God has provided me with a talent and it would be wasteful not to nurture and share it, don't you agree? I will quickly pick up a paint brush to help shelter animals and local causes and also accept commissions.  Follow Duffy on instagram @3flemingos or email her duffyfleming@gmail.com.


Renee Davis

Size: 48 x 48 (Abstract)
Medium: Acrylic 
Title: Sunset Rise


Size: 30 x 30 (Oysters)
Medium: Acrylic 
Title: Blue Pearls

A friend recently asked “What are you waiting for Renee? Get busy painting!"  The love of design for Renee goes back two generations. Her Grandmother Honeycutt was the foundation of her creativity. She loved working with her hands, in her garden, sewing, and cooking. She was a true artist with vision and lots of love went into everything she did. Renee continuously feels the nudge to share her artistic gifts as her grandmother did. Inspired by Grandma Honeycutt and her abundant love, HoneyLuvDesign was born and what a journey it has been. Through art Renee has connected with others globally, but what is so meaningful to Renee is to see first hand how her art can make a difference right here in her community. “God gives each of us a gift, whatever gift you may have share it with others and you’ll be surprised where your journey will lead you.” - Renee Davis  You can find her on instagram @honeyluvdesign or email her at honeyluvdesign@gmail.com


Debra Boyette- Photographer

Size: 21 x 17 inches
Title: "What If There Were No Bees"

FYI:  Photograph is printed on canvas and framed for hanging.

Debra Boyette, a longtime editor, finds her creative side behind the lens of a camera. She developed an interest in photography as a child and over the years has enjoyed documenting family gatherings and vacations. In the last decade she has found inspiration in nature photography and loves taking a closer look at the details of God's creations. Her work has been displayed at the JC Raulston Arboretum.

Erin Whitford Droese 


Size: 24 x 24 x 1.5
Title: Low Country

Born and raised in Eastern NC, now living in Raleigh, NC, I have such a deep appreciation and gratitude for this state. Erin Droese Designs came from a desire to inject more JOY into life. A space to flex my creative muscle that wasn't always used in a normal workday. Something I could create with my hands. To channel my inspiration, faith, and awe of this world in a productive way. To celebrate this place where I live and love.  Find Erin on instagram @erindroesedesigns or email her erindroese@gmail.com.


Kim Ballentine 

Size:  18 x 24 x 1.5
Title: Pink Skies

Kim is a North Carolina artist whose aesthetic is inspired by adventure and travel to foreign coastlines and influenced by art history.  As my native city Raleigh changes and grows, I love to paint the memories of the past as well as embrace the future. Many of my paintings are iconic buildings, such as Players Retreat, Char Grill, or memories of local favorites that evoke a sense of nostalgia.  Abstract pieces allow me to explore emotions, intuition, current events and so much more.  Expression, energy, color and movement are important aspects of my work. I primarily work in acrylic paint, but use other mediums such as oil pastel, conte, and charcoal to allow for a greater range of subtlety. A little whimsy appears when I use watercolor on rag paper, giving them a free flowing feel of delight.  Follow Kim on instagram @kimboriginals or email her kimboriginals1@gmail.com.