Wee Care Children's Enrichment Program, Inc.

Food Store Giving Programs


Wee Care Children’s Enrichment Program is a registered nonprofit organization.  To make it easy and painless for you to donate to Wee Care, we participate in food store donation programs. If you have a VIC card from Harris Teeter, let them know that you would like Wee Care to receive a portion of what you spend at their stores.

Harris Teeter's Together in Education Program

If you are a VIC shopper at Harris Teeter, simply tell your cashier at check-out that you  want Wee Care (account number 8506) to be linked to your Harris Teeter VIC card. You can also create the connection to Wee Care on the Harris Teeter  site. Once set up, every time you shop during the program, 2% of your Private Label purchases will be contributed by Harris Teeter to the Wee Care’s account. It’s that easy!