Wee Care Children's Enrichment Program, Inc.

The 6th Annual Shell It Out for Wee Care event has been cancelled.  We've made this decision after much thought and review of guidelines by the CDC.  While our event might be cancelled, Wee Care definitely is not!  Wee Care will resume in the fall and these children are going to need Wee Care now more than ever.  

We are SO very thankful for all of the sponsors of our event!  Our sincere hope is that you will continue to support Wee Care by making your sponsorship or event ticket costs a 100% taxable donation. If you are able to do this, THANK YOU!  You don’t need to take any action, and we will mail you a receipt for your gift.  We understand, however, that this is a difficult time for many.  If you would like all or a portion of your sponsor or event tickets costs returned, please contact Courtney Breeding at cbreeding03@gmail.com or Lacy McMahon at lacyhmcmahon@yahoo.com no later than June 15 and we will issue a refund at our earliest convenience.

We WILL be auctioning the art pieces during an instagram sale!  Stay tuned for details!


2020 Shell It Out Sponsors

Tuition- $5000

Raleigh Orthopedic
David and Mary Whitney Rakestraw
Perry and Kelly Currin and David Wood

Transportation- $2500

Longleaf Swine BBQ
Raleigh East Concrete
Wake Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

Enrichment- $1500

Mark and Kim Von Weihe
Kade and Mary Margaret Ross

Classroom- $1000

Triangle Securities
Bailey's Fine Jewelry
Initiative Energy Group
Raleigh Therapy Services
Norton Collar Lund Lilley, PLLC
Murray Moyer PLLC
Ken and Melanie Crockett
John and Deanna Drescher
Pinnacle Bank
Greg and Ashley Seamster
Tommy and Shannon Tant

Meal Plan- $500

The Umstead Hotel and Spa
Boyette Family Farms
Mosquito Authority/Pest Authority
DeRonja Real Estate
10 Federal- Brad and Kelly Minsley
Barry and Mary Mowbray
Brad and Courtney Breeding
Less Back Office
Armadillo Grill
Matt and Laura Fortier
Greg and Susan Weaver
Laura C. Kirby, LPA, PLLC

Field Trip- $250

Dave and Ashley Fuller
Bryan and Ellen Safrit
Kathleen Barker
Jamie, Kimberly, and Anderson Boyette
Steve and Kathy Pretzer
Carolyn Carter and Lennie Green
Jared and Amy Piland
David and Lise Sherlin
John Nunnaly
Lee and Leah Ragsdale
Steve and Stephanie Fordham
Anthony and Kristy Yousefnejad
Rick and Joy Clayton
Jeff and Mary-Kathryn Connor
Dave and Laurie Harrell
Andrew and Lora Tripp
Marcus and Crystal Smith
Cary Foot and Ankle Specialists
Will and Allison Eckstein
Kathleen Burkett
Patrick and Molly White
Bobby and Gloria Martin
Thomas and Renee Davis
Zach and Mary Beth Evans
Bill Breeding
Will and Bridget Cobb
Chase and Lexi Strom